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September 27th, 2012

Watch the first episode of Jesse Hughes’ Black Sabbath pilgrimage for Vice’s ‘On The Road’ series

Bill Ward and Jesse Hughes Vice Marshall On The Road Thrash Hits

Last week we told you about Vice/Marshall’s third series of On The Road was about Jesse Hughes from the Eagles of Death Metal investigating the dark history of Black Sabbath and the very roots of heavy metal – well, today’s the day that the first episode makes its way online. You can (and should) check it out after the jump.

Episode 1 sees Jesse still in Los Angeles, where he catches up with Bill Ward – founder member of Black Sabbath, and all-round metal hero – to discuss what the early days were like for Black Sabbath, as well as to talk about the circumstances surround shitty situation earlier this year that saw Bill Ward fall out with the other founding members of Black Sabbath. If you didn’t feel sad on Bill Ward’s behalf already…well, we’ll just let the film do the talking…

Watch the first episode of series 3 of ‘On The Road’ here:

Episode 2 of this series of On The Road is duefor release next Thursday – that’s 04 October 2012. If you’re too lazy to mark it in your calendar, then just keep an eye on Thrash Hits and we’ll remind you once it’s been released. We’re good to you like that.



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