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September 5th, 2012

WIN! Sacred Mother Tongue’s A Light Shines EP + release show tickets + meet & greet

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The new EP from ace British metallers Sacred Mother Tongue was released on Monday and they’re playing a one-off gig in London on Monday 10 September 2012. We’ve got a pair of tickets to give away as well as a copy of A Light Shines AND you get to meet the band at the gig. This is a competition.

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You know what EPs are for. They’re just stopgap releases to help a band remind its fans that they still exist between albums but with Sacred Mother Tongue having released their thoroughly excellent debut The Ruin of Man in 2009, the A Light Shines EP is a necessary and very decent bridge.

There’s nothing fashionable about this band and there never has been so Sacred Mother Tongue have had to depend on writing great songs. Luckily, with ‘Evolve/Become’, they’ve got a corker as soon ass you press play. If Darrin South’s vocals weren’t fully realised on their debut, his voice has come on in leaps and bounds. There are no harsh vocals this time and the melodies fly through the songs with style and verve. He’s stuck to what he’s fucking great at.

Andy James is a phenomenal guitarist. He’s one of the best in the country and it’s criminal that SMT don’t get more props as a result of his profile and quality. His talent ensures this band is exciting and NOT generic. If you’re a guitar fan and you don’t know what Andy James does, what on Earth have you been doing?

The live track ‘The City is Crying’ that closes the EP is a live track. It’s ok. It’s there. It’s a live song. If you’re a Sacred Mother Tongue fan, you’ll probably fucking love its inclusion. If you’re not, you’ll just be looking forward to their second album, Out Of The Darkness. It’s coming in 2013 and on this evidence, it’s something to look forward to.

Essentially, if you like Bullet For My Valentine but it’s always at the back of your mind that they’re actually really rubbish, SMT are the band for you. Now go win stuff.

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