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October 23rd, 2012

Album: Neurosis – Honor Found In Decay

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Honor Found In Decay
Neurot Recordings
29 October 2012

by Tom Dare

One of the most influential, lauded bands of the last twenty-plus years. Who acts as fapped-over as Mastodon and Enslaved can’t say enough good words about. One of the heaviest bands ever to exist. Album number ten, five years since the last one. Screw any more extraneous preamble: here’s why you need Neurosis in your life.

Neurosis are a difficult band to speak about with any coherence. Partially this is because their abstract works are inherently difficult to qualify, but more problematically, their best music makes you lose yourself entirely. There are very, very few bands so hypnotic as this, who can make you so wrapped up and concentrated in the music that the your consciousness seems to zero in on the music, and the music alone. And Honor Found In Decay does precisely this – it makes everything that isn’t the music fade away completely, until you’re lost in this frightening fog and details become a little fuzzy.

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It’s still got those back-breakingly crushing riffs that feel like Atlas is jumping up and down on your head. It’s still tortured and utterly messed up. It’s still expansive and atmospheric and affecting in ways that are all Neurosis’ own and to degrees that precious few bands have the balls to even attempt. It’s still got those occasional frenzied flashes where the despair seems to have got a bit too much and the music lashes out. And it’s still got those gaping, nauseating voids of noise that suck you in and suffocate you like a black hole. But Neurosis have evolved again since Given To The Rising.

Honor Found In Decay has more of those folky elements – the kind of weird, eerie music that became prominent on A Sun That Never Sets – than in recent years. This has the  consequence of providing much more light to the shade, so every time one of the shit-your-pants heavy bits comes in after one of those passages, it strikes you even harder.

It also adds a certain sense of awful acceptance to Honor Found In Decay. That existential terror that has been so overpowering throughout Neurosis’ exemplary career is still there in force, and is still scrotum-clenchingly frightening – ‘Bleeding The Pigs‘ in particular. There’s also a foreboding quality to this quite astounding creative work, but also in places, such as within the heart-wrenching brilliance of ‘My Heart For Deliverance‘, a stoicism that provides a more overt catharsis than you might expect.

​Listen to ‘We All Rage In Gold’ by Neurosis:

It’s the full wringer of emotions, of the raw animal panic of life, of rage, fury and menace, and of a hundred other colours of the emotional palette it exposes you to, that make Honor Found In Decay such a stunning piece of work. It wraps you up, draws you in and suffuses you through every pore and orifice, spitting you out at the end to try and work out what the Hell just happened, but feeling curiously better as a result. It’s Neurosis at their magnificent, psyche-ruining best.


Sounds Like: every one of your favourite bands who’s ripping them off and isn’t as good.
Standout Tracks: My Heart For Deliverance, Bleeding The Pigs, Raise The Dawn.



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