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October 8th, 2012

Walls looking a bit bare? Then go buy yourself a painting by Valient Himself

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Valient Himself is a man of many talents. Obviously, as the frontman of Valient Thorr, he’s a kick-ass musician. If you’re a subscriber to his awesome Rocknowledgy podcast (which we’ve told you about before), then you’ll be aware the man used to (and indeed, still is!) a damn good radio DJ. And it also turns out that’s he’s a dab hand when it comes of wielding a pen and paintbrush.

Just why are we banging on about this now? Well, Valient Himself has set up an Etsy page where you can buy various bits that he’s drawn and painted. Unlike Marilyn Manson, whose experiments with watercolours quickly turned into an excuse for him to turn a few thousand dollars whilst avoiding getting on with the business of actually, y’know, being a musician, Valient Himself’s drawings are (for the most part) an integral part of Valient Thorr, with his more full-on weirdo designs gracing the band’s merch merch over the years. We particularly like the Legion of Doom/Walrus mash-up.

"Flying Camaro Skull"

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"Flying Camaro Skull"

Eagle-eyed readers will of course recognise Valient Himself’s style from the album artwork of Valient Thorr’s killer 2008 album, Immortalizer. If you checked out our gallery above, you’ll have spotted a piece called ‘Tomorrow Police’, which -co-incidentally also happens to be the title of our favourite song from Immortalizer. Which we think is a good enough reason to give that song a blast, don’t you?

Watch the video to ‘Tomorrow Police’ by Valient Thorr:

By our reckoning, we’re due a new album from Valient Thorr pretty soon. The band have put out an album every two years since 2006, and with their last release being 2010’s Stranger, it’s surely only a matter of time before we get a new one, right? Right?!? (We really hope so, at any rate).


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