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October 22nd, 2012

Future Hits 126: Super Snake

Super Snake promo photo Thrash Hits

Super Snake
From: Union, NJ, USA
Lazy equation: A pissed off Tom Waits + Sleazy Rock N Roll + serious bitterness towards exs (+ Ugly Kid Joe) = Violently styled lyrics over steamy, down-tempo riffs.
URL: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp

Thrash Hits Verdict:
 We’ve got one EP of all but four songs to go by, and they’re all winners. HOORAY! As dark and disturbing as the tunes can get, there is also a shameless, exaggerated air to the music and the band itself. I mean, the band’s press photo consists of five pale shirtless dudes slathered in baby oil. In this day and age new bands have to whore themselves out a bit for attention, though, right?

All hilarious press photos aside, let’s further put aside what you are not going to hear when you go to BandCamp to download the Summer Girls EP from this new band consisting of members of Trophy Scars, I Am Heresy, and sadly-defunct Thrash Hits favourites, Chambers:

You are not going to hear Trophy Scars’ Jerry Jones at his most poetic. The music is simply not conducive to anything but naked, desperate, frustrated lyrics. He almost sounds like he’s about to reach through the record to strangle you because he’s that fed up with her. Yet, it’s almost as if he’s trying to lure his muse into a trap. Further, there’s no semblance of Trophy Scars’ eclectic sound. The songs are focused on one sound and it’s a great sound. Still, there is plenty of room for the composition of the songs to grow within this scheme.

You are not going to hear the sheer, hardcore/metal terror that was Chambers. There’s no pummeling beatdown parts. There’s no throat-tearing screams. There’s no guitar shredding. There is more swagger. There is five-piece crooning. There is a steady groove. It’s a sleazy summer shag in your mom’s bed more than it’s a quick fuck, kill, and draining of the body. Most of the writing is done by Jesse Mariani (bass) and John Pinho (guitar) as opposed to Chambers, which had most writing handled by Gregg Kautz (guitar).

Super Snake Summer Girls EP cover artwork packshot 400px Thrash Hits

The long and short of it? It’s less stylized than Trophy Scars; more stylized than Chambers; and 100% sure to turn some heads. Be sure to stay tuned because they plan on releasing one E.P. for every season of the upcoming year. Just don’t slip on the baby oil.


Super Snake’s debut EP, Summer Girls, is available now as a pay-as-much-as-you-like download from Super Snake’s Bandcamp page. The band is currently finishing up the recording of their Fall (that’s Autumn, for us British-types), which should be available in some form (including a proposed vinyl release along with the Summer Girls EP) later this year.


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