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October 15th, 2012

POLL: Finland is exporting a TV show where rock stars invade your house, do some DIY, and fix your miserable lives. Which rock star do you want it to be?

Mr Lordi DIY Thrash Hits

Okay, so last week we gave you some advice about how to spruce up your shabby home – but what if you live in an absolute pit of squalor? What if your wretched hovel is so far gone that even the artwork of Valient Himself won’t sort it out? Well, if a Finnish TV production company gets their way, you might be lucky enough to get a local rock star to come round, smash your place up, then help rebuild it in an altogether snazzier and sharper style.

Rock Star Home Invasion is pretty much the same formula as the bajillion other fast-paced fix-your-home-fix-your-life reality TV shows you can find if you channel hop down the low end of your Freeview channel listings, only with one extra twist: rather than some gang of tool-wielding builder-types help sort your place out, the show gets a rock star to do it instead. Yes, you read that correctly.

The show is one of hundred that were being pimped at this year’s MIPCOM, an annual international TV show market that came to a close in Cannes in the south of France. According to Rock Star Home Invasion’s distributor:

“The Nordic region as a whole has a talent for producing factual content with a fresh twist. But the Finns are in a league of their own when it comes to creating weird, wonderful, off the wall entertainment. Rock Star Home Invasion is a prime example. It’s full volume rock ‘n’ roll entertainment, but it’s entertainment with a purpose; helping families in crisis and its record ratings in Finland prove that this is exactly what viewers want”

But wait! It’s not just about DI-flippin’-Y. Apparently the show also “helps deal with issues including bullying and post traumatic stress disorder”. Bloody hell. We like our rock stars as much as the next no-mark hit-chasing metal blog, but we’re not sure being good on a guitar qualifies someone to work as a grief counsellor. Maybe it’s yet another benefit of those high-quality Scandinavian school systems.

It’s made by the same people behind The Dudesons, who were also the stars of the first series of the show over in Finland. Now while the Dudesons are the kind of C-list celebrity that reality TV was made for, we can’t help but think that the international versions of the show would be far better served by having actual Rock Stars fulfilling the role of the titular home invaders. While the programme makers no doubt have their eyes on local talent to whichever territories they can sell the show to, we think it’d be much more fitting if Finland made use of its homegrown rock star talent – hence why we’ve photoshopped that monstrosity up above.

So if the choice came down to you guys, which Finnish man of rock would you want to see ripping some poor sod’s house apart? GET VOTING!*

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*We’ve got zero clout with the Finnish television authorities, but we’ll do our best and pass your recommendation on.



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