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October 10th, 2012

Vintage Video: Van Halen – Panama

Van Halen 1984 Thrash Hits

58 years ago today, Nathan Roth and Sibyl Roth celebrated the birth of their son, David. The young David would, in time, grow up to be one of the most important frontmen in American rock history. Okay, so the guitarist in his band is a more important figure in the overall history of rock, but Roth’s showmanship can’t be underestimated when it comes to the reasons how and why Van Halen became one of the biggest bands in the world during the 1980s. Anyway, it’s not his birthday today.

Because David Lee Roth turns 58 today, we’re looking back at one of the earliest videos from Van Halen’s career – that of ‘Panama’. In no small part because it shows Roth in his prime throwing the stage moves that would become his trademark. What? You thought we were going to use the video to ‘Jump’? Pffft.

Van Halen’s latest album, A Different Kind Of Truth, came out waaaaay back in January. It’s alright, but we don’t think it’s going to be making it on to many people’s Albums Of The Year lists in two months’ time. At the moment, Van Halen are taking a bit of a break from touring, having had to postpone their scheduled November tour of Japan due to guitarist Eddie Van Halen needing to be operated on due to a case of Diverticulitis. That’s a digestive disease that causes inflammation of the colon, for anyone too lazy to click the link. Yeah, that’ll teach you to eat you lunch while reading Thrash Hits but not click the handy expository links we give you, now won’t it?



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