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November 14th, 2012

Hey Americans! Come to Super Snake’s Thanksgiving Eve Hurricane Sandy Benefit show

Super Snake promo photo Thrash Hits

Unless you’re some kind of cave dwelling troglodyte (and hey, we know not all our readers are virgin neck-beards), you can’t help but know about the devastation that Hurricane Sandy caused across the Caribbean and much of the East Coast of the USA. Among one of the areas most badly hit in the USA was New Jersey, home state of our US writer, Dan Pelic. Dan has witnessed the carnage wrought by Hurricane Sandy up close and personal, and in an effort to help raise money for the relief efforts for those still affected by the after-effects of the hurricane, Dan is throwing a benefit show on Thanksgiving Eve.

So yeah, this is out of the reach of most of our UK-centric audience. And yeah, it’s out of the reach of a significant proportion of our US-based readership. But you know what? So whatIf one of our friends wants to do something selfless to help others, we’d be pretty shitty friends if we didn’t do out bit to help publicise this fact. So if you’re reading this and you’re going to be close enough to Maxwell’s in Hoboken, New Jersey on 21 November 2012 to make it down to a show, then for pity’s sake make the effort. Not only will you get to see the Future Hits-tipped Super Snake perform live, you’ll get to see them safe in the knowledge that you’re helping people who’ve lost everything on the whim of Mother Nature. Get on it.

Super Snake Hurricane Sandy Benefit Thrash Hits

Aren’t you glad we didn’t post an image of that flyer above the fold? We know there’s a good chance that you’re reading this in your office, and even a cartoon picture of Satan tweaking a woman’s nipple is probably not high on the list of things you want your boss to see you skiving off work to look at on the internet over, right? In fact, for helping save you from that embarrassment and/or potential subsequent job-dismissal, we reckon you owe it to us to go along and support this benefit show later this month. Quite frankly, it’s the least you can do, given the favour we’ve just done you.



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