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November 16th, 2012

Vice UK is ten years old, and they’re throwing a pretty sweet party with Andrew W.K. and Trash Talk to celebrate

Vice UK Is Ten Thrash Hts

This month Vice UK – our local installation of the global neo-media behemoth – is celebrating ten whole years of being in operation. And to celebrate, they are throwing a humdinger of a party here in London, which among other things will feature live set from Trash Talk and our (very occasional) columnist, Mr Andrew W.K. Yeah, you want to get your hands on some tickets for this one.

What’s that we can hear some of you crying? “But Thrash Hits, Vice is just a load of hipster indie fluff!”  Well actually no, it isn’t. Long-time readers of Thrash Hits will no doubt be aware, Vice has been behind some of the most interesting, unusual, and downright fascinating documentaries about metal in recent years. True Norwegian Black Metal (worthy if only for providing the world with this never-not-funny clip of Gaahl)? Vice. Heavy Metal In BaghdadVice. The On The Road series that we’ve been banging on about recently? Vice. One Man Metal? Vice. Those killer Fenriz mixtapes you’ve listened to over the years? Vice. Hell, Vice UK owns The Old Blue Last in East London, the venue that’s held every single Thrash Hits Presents… night to date, including the History Of The Hawk-headlined show later this month.

Sure, Vice’s focus isn’t on music, let alone the relatively small segment of heavier sounds within music that Thrash Hits concerns ourselves with. But so what? They shine a more interesting “outsider” spotlight on some aspects of the music we love in ways that those of us who specialise in it can’t either do, or wouldn’t have thought to do in the first place.

Anyway, enough of our pontificating on why Vice is Good Thing If You Like Metal – you want to go to the 10th anniversary party, right? Head on over to the Vice Is Ten page, scroll down to the bottom, and hoof over your email address. Before the party – which kicks off on Thursday 29 November 2012 at 9pm – Vice will pick a few winners who’ll get to come and drink until their eyes bleed.

Vice Is Ten flyer UPDATE Thrash Hits

Of course, all this goes down the night before Thrash Hits Presents…, so if you do happen to win tickets, don’t totally overdo it at Vice’s shindig. You need to leave something in the tank for our party – which is, of course, taking place at the Vice-owned Old Blue Last. Tickets for Thrash Hits Presents… are a mere £4 if you buy them in advance, and seeing as for that bargain price you get to see History Of The Hawk, Throne, Cult Cinema and Empress, it’s pretty much the biggest amount of bang for such a reasonable level of buck going this month.



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