Thrash Hits

November 10th, 2012

Watch the final two parts of Vice’s ‘One Man Metal’ documentary

One Man Metal Thrash Hits

Got nothing on this weekend? Not at Warped Tour London because your music tastes are more along the lines of guys-lurking-about-in-their-basement-making-hell-noise rather than dayglo-big-fringed-pop-punk-muppets? Well, good news! The second and third parts of Vice’s much, much, much delayed One Man Metal documentary series are now online.

The reason for the delay in getting One Man Metal online (which is why some of the interviews featured in it are a little bit dated) is down to Jef ‘Wrest’ Whitehead being arrested for a whole slew of unpleasant crimes. Despite being found not guilty of most of them, he’s still a thoroughly unpleasant man, so watch these videos at your own discretion.

Here’s part two of the series:

And the third and final part:

Part one of One Man Metal is, of course, still online if you need to catch-up – click here if you’re in need of a refresher.



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