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December 20th, 2012

GREATEST HITS OF 2012 no.6: Thrash Hits invades the Radio 1 Review Show

BBC Radio 1 Review Show Edith Bowman Mike Duce Lower Than Atlantis Hugh Platt Thrash Hits

2012 was the year we went legit. Well, not really, but it was the year that we got to pull out Ron Burgandy’s “I’m kind of a big deal” attitude as BBC Radio 1 called us up and asked if we wanted to take part in the Radio 1 Review Show. Y’know – sharing our expert opinion on rock music and all that for an hour on national radio. Well, it was the Radio 1 Week of Rock, after all.

We managed to get Converge played on BBC Radio 1 outside of Daniel P Carter’s Rock Show. We got to diss Bullet For My Valentine on national radio. We got to take the piss out of NME’s incompetent reviewing of heavy music on a national radio station. It was a pretty good night overall. Anyway, here’s what we had to say about our experience the morning after:


In case you’re not one of the literal thousands of people who follow Thrash Hits on Facebook and Twitter, then this might’ve passed you by: last night our Deputy Editor, Hugh Platt, appeared on BBC Radio 1’s Review Show, spouting off about new tracks from Mallory Knox, Gnarwolves, Bullet For My Valentine, and his personal pick – Converge. Why did Edith Bowman invite us in as pundits? Well, it’s all down to Radio 1 Rocks – nearly a week of special programming where the UK’s flagship music broadcaster recognises that there are plenty of us out there who like our music LOUDER and HEAVIER than the average listener.

Those of you in the UK can Listen Again to Hugh making a bit of a tit of himself right damn now – and can for the next seven days – thanks to the BBC iPlayer. Those of you outside the UK will have to settle for downloading the BBC Radio 1 Review Show podcast, where you get to hear Hugh’s mouth flapping but not the songs he’s flapping it about. You’ll just have to imagine them or pause the podcast and listen to them in between the chatter. Whichever floats your boat.

Since it’s no longer available to download, here’s the whole show – music and all – c/o the entirely-legal-and-all-above-board service provided by the excellent MixCloud:

Thrash Hits on the Radio 1 Review Show by Hughdovoodoo on Mixcloud

Yeah, they made Hugh balance a giant plastic duck on his head for the post-show photocall. Yeah, that’s Mike Duce from Lower Than Atlantis wearing the sombrero. Yeah, that’s Edith Bowman, the show’s host, sandwiched between them. And no, there were no threats of headbutts made to anyone by anyone at any point.

We have no idea if we’ll get invited back on the Radio 1 Review Show after we cussed out so many of the bands up for review, but we were able to keep ourselves from swearing for a whole hour, so fingers crossed they’ll ask us back in 2013.


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