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December 21st, 2012

GREATEST HITS OF 2012 no.7: Finland being officially the most metal country in the world

Map Global Metal Reddit Thrash Hits 2012

Facts. Stats. Graphs. Maps. DATA. These are the all the kind of thing we love but don’t actually talk about on Thrash Hits because a) we’re a metal blog, and b) we’re the only ones nerdy enough to care about stats, facts, maps and graphs around here.

Unless of course said facts, stats and data have been used to make a map that charts precisely how metal a country is per 100,000 people, depending on how many metal bands it has. Yep.

Check out our original article, and continue to wantonly envy the people of Scandinavia:


We all know how metal Finland is – there’s a whole blog dedicated to Metal From Finland, after all – but now there is statistical evidence that Finland is more metal than any other country on this planet. There are more metal bands in Finland per 100,000 people than anywhere else.

Finland is definitely the deepest shade of red. Norway is still an orangey-red. Sweden and Iceland are the next and they’re both orange. The Nordic countries really are metal. Well done, Nordic countries. (Apart from Denmark, you not-so-metal country, you).

Map Global Metal Reddit Thrash Hits 2012

[This map was robbed from Shreddit]


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