Thrash Hits

December 28th, 2012

GREATEST HITS OF 2012 no.9: Tom Dare goes on and on and ON about the 20 year evolution of Black Metal

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We’ve got a fairly loose system when it comes to organising submissions from our contributors. They email us an idea, we tell them if it’s good or rubbish, then they go off and write it. Nice and simple. So when Tom Dare emailed us with a pitch for a retrospective on how Black Metal has evolved in the twenty years since the release of Darkthrone’s A Blaze In The Northern Sky, we just let him get on with it.

We just didn’t reckon he’s write quite so bloody much.

In fact he wrote so bloody much that we had to split it up into four parts. Rather than reprint the whole lot here, we figured it’d be easiest to just link you to the component parts and let you do whatever you want with them.


Who knows what thankless tasks we’ll set Tom Dare in 2013, to which he’ll receive neither recognition, respect nor recompense? Who knows!?! Not us (yet).


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