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December 3rd, 2012

VIDEO: Watch an exclusive Enter Shikari live video of ‘Sssnakepit’ to mark the 30th anniversary of PIAS Recordings

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Bloody Hell, we can;t get away from anniversaries at the moment. While last week we were bringing it to your attention that Earache Records are 25 years old this year, today we’re looking back even further, as the giant distributor/indie label behemoth that is PIAS marks their 30th anniversary with a whole shedload of exclusive new content for their fancy new website, which goes live tomorrow.

Except we’ve got a sneaky peak at part of that exclusive content – a previously-unseen Enter Shikari live video – that we’ve been allowed to show you a day early. Check it out after the jump.


Watch ‘Sssnakepit’ (+ remix) live at the Hammersmith Apollo in March 2012 by Enter Shikari:


Among the other exclusive content that PIAS will be revealing will be some previously unseen live footage of Gallows (who use PIAS for distribution of their own Venn Records label), exclusive live footage of Mogwai, some acoustic Dinosaur Jnr material, free downloads from Arcane Roots, and a whole documentary on those old friends of ours, Young Guns. There’s a whole load of other stuff too, which isn’t particularly Thrash Hits-friendly, but if you’re even slightly inclined to investigate music outside of the heavy niche we call home here at Thrash Hits, then point your browser over at the new PIAS Recordings website from Tuesday 04 December 2012 for more awesome exclusive bits and pieces.



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