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January 8th, 2013

2013 Album Preview: Kvelertak – Meir

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March 2013

What they’re saying

Kurt Ballou of Converge who produced Meir told us the following:

“It’s just more Kvelertak. It’s everything they did on the last record and they’ve pushed it even further. The poppy stuff it poppier, the metal stuff is metal-ier, the catchy stuff is catchier, the fast stuff is faster and the slow stuff is slower. Everything’s just Kvelertak but more extreme. The singing has definitely developed a lot since the last record because they toured so relentlessly on that. His stamina and range have increased dramatically”

Guitarist, Bjarte Lund Rolland says this in the press release:

“I think we stretched the limits of what we could do within our realm, but not so much that it doesn’t sound unmistakably like Kvelertak. This is also the reason we went back with Kurt, to try out the new material in the context of more or less the same sound spectrum as the first one, so as to give it a bit of a continuous vibe, like a sequel if you will. But what matters is that it’s just as fucking shameless as the first one, if not more.”

Here is footage of Kvelertak in Kurt Ballou’s Godcity studio

Here is a ridiculous track-by-track from Kvelertak’s Facebook:

ÅPENBARING A feather clad man breaks into your skull. He has such sights to show you!
SPRING FRA LIVET When the walls of life are closing in, you best run for the hills!
TREPAN Trepanning is a surgical intervention in which a hole is drilled into the human skull, releasing evil spirits.
BRUANE BRENN Burn the bridges, kill the jailer, live life on the run!
EVIG VANDRAR An unholy pact has doomed this man to walk the earth until the end of time.
SNILEPISK This dark tyrants whip is made of hair and flesh. He will leave scars across the land.
MÅNELYST In the cold light of the moon you become possessed by evil.
NEKROKOSMOS A green meteor of iron strikes the graveyard. An intergalactic traveller won’t leave until everything around him is dead.
UNDERTRO Nothing matters. We’re not even a grain of sand in Cosmos.
TORDENBRAK There is a storm coming. All you can do is pray!
KVELERTAK Like the Asgardsreia we will have all the mortals in our way join our cavalcade.

Thrash Hits verdict:

Extreme Kvelertak? SOLD! We have nothing more to add.



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