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January 31st, 2013

2013 Album Preview: Rise To Remain – TBC

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Rise To Remain
Century Media Records

What They’re Saying

We caught up with RTR frontman, Austin Dickinson to see what’s been going on with this second album:

“After we finished up City Of Vultures‘ touring cycle, we came back in to writing this one. The cool thing is, we didn’t really start writing together until we finished Warped Tour but we’ve been pumping out song after song and we’ve been able to work on every detail until they’re honed to exactly how we want them. This is the boldest, heaviest, most unrelentingly song-driven piece of work we’ve ever made and we’re super proud of it. We’re just finishing up, and getting ready to hit the studio to lay it all down for release this year. We’re very proud of what we did on the first record, but this one, in my opinion, is the daddy. We can’t wait to put the first tune out there and watch people sit back and start cracking beers and singing along. The solos are ridiculous, the vocals are super big and really from the heart. The whole thing is just very exciting for us. It’s all or nothing, so strap in! I truly hope everyone enjoys the ride!”

Thrash Hits verdict:

By the end of the touring cycle, Rise To Remain had been winning fans over left, right and centre. The Bruce-shaped albatross around Austin Dickinson’s neck was becoming less and less heavy and they’d done it on merit. There’s no doubting that the band wore their metalcore influences on their sleeve on City Of Vultures but that hasn’t hurt the likes of Miss May I et al, who have burst out to great acclaim since then. This time around, RTR have a fanbase and they have the experience of touring the world under their belt and, with a band this talented, that should lead to something rather exciting. We’ve got beers on ice.


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