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January 18th, 2013

2013 Album Preview: The Defiled – TBC

The Defiled new promo photo 2012 Thrash Hits

The Defiled
ETA Late Summer 2013

What They’re Saying

The Defiled are busy boys these days. Not only are they getting set to record the live album that their fans have funded through PledgeMusic, but they’ve already gone and recorded their second full-length album as well. That said, there’s very little that’s been announced in public about this new studio record, so we dropped The Defiled frontman, Stitch D, a quick email to get the inside scoop with exactly what’s going on with it:

“We went to Florida to record the record with Jason Suecof [who’s previously worked on records by the likes of Trivium, The Black Dahlia Murder, Job For A Cowboy, and Motionless In White], it was the first time we’ve ever worked with a producer as me and Alex [aka The A.v.D] have always done everything before, so it was nice to get someone else’s input. It was tough at first to have someone say ‘that melody is shit, do another one’ but the dude certainly knew best. We’ve been fans of Jason’s production for a few years. When me and Alex demo [material] we used to try to replicate [Jason’s] guitar tone so when we were asked what producer we wanted to use [for the new album] it was pretty obvious who we were gonna choose. Its was amazing to go to Florida to do it though – kinda a summer holiday with some recording. Really laid back!”

Blimey. But what about the songs, Stitch? TELL US ABOUT THE SONGS:

“We’ve kinda just picked up from where Grave Times left off. There’s no change in sound, just better and more mature. I guess every band says that but I’m a lot prouder of this record than Grave Times. The songs just seem more focused. We just got to the point quicker – Grave Times was just a bit more drawn out.”

Watch The Defiled mucking about in a music store between recording sessions for their new album:

Thrash Hits verdict:

The Defiled might’ve technically fallen into our laps insofar as being one of our earliest tips for future greatness, but the last couple of years it’s been a weird (but no less worthy!) experience seeing them transform from just a bunch of our mates playing a mid-week show to us and five other people, to an in-demand, headline-their-own-UK-tour, Golden God Award-winning, frontman-on-the-cover-of-magazines, bona fide band that people give a shit about. Some of the band’s setlist to this day features songs that first appeared on their demo that was making the rounds over five years ago, so the fact that there’s a massive influx of new songs by The Defiled about to smash into eardrums up and down the entire country, rather than just our small squalid corner of London, makes us even more excited about hearing the follow-up to Grave Times than we ever expected to be.

A little bird tells us that after their slot on this year’s £5 Jägermeister Music Tour, there might not be so many chances to catch The Defiled play live here in the UK until after they head out on their own headlining tour after their new album drops, so, y’know, might be worth picking up a ticket for those shows if you want to catch Stitch and the boys playing live during the first half of 2013. Jus’ sayin’.

Watch The Defiled giving Raz some grief backstage at Download Festival 2012:


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