Thrash Hits

January 28th, 2013

LONDONERS: If you still haven’t gone to a show in 2013, this Cannabis Corpse/Ghoul dual-headline all-dayer will sort you right out

Cannabis Corpse 2012 promo photo Thrash Hits

Now that wretched January is slowly lurching to an end, gigs are finally starting to happen again. Sure, there’s been a few here and there, but you know what we’re talking about – January is pretty much dead-time as far as gigs go. Thankfully, February is stuffed to the seams of its sweaty guts with plenty of killer line-ups, out of which this Cannabis Corpse/Ghoul dual-headlined all-dayer has caught our beady little eyes.

Although they’re a relatively new name on the London gig-promoter circuit, Extreme Ultimate Promotions don’t lack for experience – they’re run by Matt Rozeik, who’s 25% of Astrohenge, 50% of Necro Deathmort, and 100% solid dude. He’s been a promoter for some of our favourite shows of the last few years in various guises, and Extreme Ultimate have already clocked up some pretty hefty line-ups (we’re still bummed out we missed their pre-Xmas Anaal Nathrakh gig, but it clashed with Thrash Hits Presents no.3, so….).

Co-headlined by Cannabis Corpse and Ghoul, this show also has Living With Disfigurement, Cavity Search, Bastardhammer, Visceral Attack and Seprevation on the bill. We’ve (obviously) linked to them all so you can educate yourself in their many delights, but c’mon, with band names like that, you know what they’re going to sound like already, right? And you love it.

Cannabis Corpse and Ghoul 09 Feb 2013 flyer Thrash Hits

All that, for just £12 (plus some relatively meagre fees)? Buy yourself an advance ticket now. Get down early, watch some awful, delicious crust and metal. Get sweaty and revel in all the beer that’ll get spilled over you in the pit. Remember why you go to shows in the first place, and silently curse yourself for not going to more shows sooner in 2013.