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January 2nd, 2013

Video: Lose Weight, Get In Shape – it’s The Dillinger Escape Plan Jogging Method

Run Dillinger Thrash Hits

It’s the New Year. We’ve all overdone it over Christmas. We don’t want reminding of the entire day we spent lounging on the sofa in our pants, eating nothing but Ferrero Roche and drinking every leftover can of lager we found in the fridge. What we need is an exercise regime to go hand-in-hand with those New Year’s resolutions we’re inevitably jettisoning in the next two weeks. What we need is a way to combine it with this ludicrous love of heavy music that we’ve got going on.

What we need is Dillinger Run – aka The Dillinger Escape Plan Jogging Method.

Okay, so we’re not likely to get as ridiculously hench as Greg Puciato doing following the Dillinger Run system, but the next time one of our flatmates walks in on us doing some impromptue air-guitaring, we’re going to tell them that it isn’t (just) the case that we’re in a permanent state of adolescent arrested development, but we’re exercising, Goddamn it!

The Dillinger Escape Plan are currently putting the finishing touches to their as-yet-untitled new album, which is due for release sometime in April on Party Smasher / Sumerian Records. We are very, very, very excited about it. The band will no doubt be touring the UK, Europe, USA, the entire bloody world, shortly after the album is released.



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