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February 21st, 2013

Album: Broadway Calls – Comfort/Distraction

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Broadway Calls
No Sleep Records
05 February 2013

by Gavin Lloyd

As Broadway Calls release their third full length, they do so into a climate where pop punk is very big business. While some of the genre’s watered-down bands fill arenas the world over, a new wave of pop punk in the guise of hardcore bands is reconnecting with the genre’s DIY roots, while perhaps taking themselves that bit too seriously. This leaves many veteran fans of the genre in a frustrating middle ground.

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Obviously there are many who don’t wish to stand around a bunch of pre-pubescent girls throwing their training bras at All Time Low. Conversely, watching a guy shouting about how the drunken girl who noshed him off one Friday night went on to nosh off some other guy, while conducting stage divers in the Old Blue Last, can start to grate after a while. Luckily there are still bands like Broadway Calls who can provide a fun soundtrack to these grey months while still holding onto their integrity.

Comfort/Distraction ticks all the boxes while cutting the bullshit. It’s an album full of gigantic choruses delivered with an earnest yet happy go lucky attitude. Woh-oohs, clash with bouncy riffs which will undoubtedly cause mass sing alongs and pogoing a plenty live. While there are no forced acoustic ballads and lyrics are a welcome change from the LOL-worthy talk of farts and boners that many of their US counterparts are so fond of. Straight of the bat with opener ‘Bring On The Storm’ frontman Ty Vaughn sings of “the man of faith and man of science throwing rocks and calling names,” assuring you’re listening to something that bit more sophisticated.

While some could turn their nose up at a lack of originality (‘Minus One’ could have been pulled straight off ‘Dookie’, while ‘Lucky Lighter’ has shades of – albeit a happier – Gaslight Anthem), they counteract this by being very good at it. It’s simple yet perfectly executed and in a world where Green Day are churning out three (THREE!) mediocre albums in one go you could do far worse than Broadway Calls.

Watch the video to ‘Bring on the Storm’ by Broadway Calls:

They may not be getting plastered all over Radio 1 or selling out arenas, and they may also not be the go-to band for scenester merch needs or the spawning ground for Tumblr gifs. However what Broadway Calls are doing is making pop punk for the purists and far out classing many of their peers in the process.


Sounds Like: Pre American Idiot Green Day, I Am The Avalanche, Drive Thru Records
Standout Tracks: Bring On The Storm, Surrounded By Ghosts, Stealing Sailboats



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