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February 11th, 2013

Heavy Metal Business School


On their tech blog, The Guardian has reported on a new venture by a couple of Swedish men, Pär-Jörgen Pärson and Hans-Olov Öberg, who came up with an idea whilst at a guitar camp. They wonder whether Heavy Metal could be a metaphor for business…

Here are some slice quotes from the article.

Three years on and the pair have written Heavy Metal Management, a suitably monochrome alternative management bible complete with requisite gory photos of the ‘uncompromising’ Nifelheim, ‘epic’ Motley Crue and those masters of satanic symbolism, Watain.

It was Sweden’s best-selling book in December, and sold 10,000 Swedish-language ebooks in the first two weeks of January alone.

“Apart from the number of the beast – 666 – Heavy Metal Management is never about numbers. Did you ever hear a rock star talk about the key success factor being ‘focus on shareholder value creation’? We didn’t think so. In short, heavy metal management is all about doing your thing to the fullest, without looking in any other direction. We will prove that there are virtuous cycles also in Hell. In corporate lingo it’s called ‘the art of building sustainable long term customer relationships’ or something totally lame like that…”

We feel as though Pärson and Öberg aren’t being 100 per cent serious and School and heavy metal have never got on that well, but you can go to their website for more info on how to be even more ridiculously metal and even take a test.

This is silly.



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