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February 8th, 2013

Heavy Metal Sandwich 004: Geddy Lee of Rush

The sandwich is possibly the greatest food-based invention. They allow us to eat and post on Facebook at the same time and absolutely anybody can eat them. Vegetarian? Put some more salad in. Belly doesn’t like wheat? Use gluten-free bread then! And everybody has a favourite sandwich. Even bands…

rush band promo photo canada geddy lee thrash hits

One of the most enduring food items that the great city of Montreal has given to the world is its smoked meat. Who better to talk to about how it best goes into a sandwich than Geddy Lee of legendary prog metal heavyweights, Rush. (Nobody, that’s who.)

Hello there, Geddy Lee of Rush. Tell us all about your favourite sandwich.

Bread: It has to be rye bread.
Filling: Pastrami. It’s what you call salt beef.
Salad: Dill pickles on the side.
Condiments: Dijon mustard.

caplansky reuben geddy lee thrash hits sandwich

What’s so good about it?

“I’m a big meat fan so this is great. It’s a pastrami sandwich but you call it salt beef and in Montreal it’s called Montreal smoked meat… Well, just smoked meat. I had a great sandwich in Langer’s in Los Angeles while we were recording Clockwork Angels. I love going around the world and eating pastrami sandwiches – there are a couple of places in London that I have to try. Mishkin’s is one. You know what? Talking about pastrami like this has given me an idea about the stage props for this tour…”

Metal rating? 6/6 because Geddy’s such a big sandwich fan that his local deli has named a breakfast after him. More importantly, if you see any meat-oriented sandwiches on stage during Rush’s world tour this year, you can directly attribute the idea to us. We want credit.



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