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February 15th, 2013

Heavy Metal Sandwich 005: Mehdi Safa and Arif Driessen of *shels

The sandwich is possibly the greatest food-based invention. We need to be able to eat and post on Facebook at the same time. Sandwiches allow us to do this. The best thing about sandwiches, however, is that anybody can eat them. Vegetarian? Put some more salad in. Belly doesn’t like wheat? Use some gluten-free bread then! And everybody has a favourite sandwich. Even bands…

*shels live at Manchester Ruby Lounge c/o Ruth Booth Thrash Hits

*shels brought their slow-burning alt metal back to the UK last year for some rare live shows. Their taste in sandwiches may explain why it took them five years to do so. Gents, take it away…

Sandwich #1: Mehdi Safa’s [vocals, guitar] Slow Cooked Beef Baguette

“My favourite sandwich? That’s a good question… You slow barbecue a nice, big piece of beef for about 24 hours. Then it’s just come off the grill or the smoker, and you slice it. And you’ve got a nice fresh baguette, and you empty it out so there’s not too much dough in there. Some mayo, put the beef in there, tomatoes, lettuce, red onion. Maybe some herbs and stuff, a little bit of mustard, maybe. I think that’s a good sandwich.”

That’s a long time to be cooking beef for…

“Yeah, those are the best sandwiches. We’ll do it one day, you’ll see. I think it sounds good, don’t you agree? I like good falafel sandwiches too. I like Shawarmas. Do you know what a Shawarma is? It’s a Lebanese sandwich, which is a wrap.”

Sandwich #2: Arif Driessen [Trumpet] on Rener Gracie’s ‘Renergy’ Sandwich

“I have to give a shoutout to Rener Gracie, who is a Jiu-Jitsu icon. He’s got the Renergy Sandwich. You can check it out – It’s all on there. It’s the best.”

The Renergy Sandwich? What’s that got in it?

“It’s basically, it’s kale, spinach, egg whites, avocado, hazelnut butter. There’s some other stuff to it too. That’s the one! Everything I do is based on Rener Gracie.”

Metal Rating? 6/6 Clearly Mehdi and Arif take their sandwich-making very seriously. Whether you’re a fan of vegetarian cuisine or not, you can’t argue with a sandwich shaped by three generations of a jiu jitsu dynasty. Well, you could, but it probably wouldn’t end well. On that note, it’s probably not worth taking a chance on nicking Arif’s trumpet for a larf, ‘kay?



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