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February 8th, 2013

Kerouac are playing one final, FINAL show tomorrow to help save the Southampton Joiners and if you don’t go then you’re an idiot

Kerouac 2011 promo photo Thrash Hits

We’ve always talked about supporting your local venue here in Thrash Hits. It’s all very well going and watching some keg-chugging flavour-of-the-month yankee metal band sell out the Brixton Academy every so often, but the real ugly, gritty, beautiful heart of heavy music in the UK comes from the smaller places – exactly the kind of places that are going under faster than ever. One such venue under threat is the Southampton Joiners – a venue that’s been crucial to the development of some of the South coast’s best heavy bands over the last decade. To that end, a whole host of bands have gotten together to hold a benefit show for the venue tomorrow night – and boy, if you’re local to Southampton, you are in for a treat. Yeah, you know who that promo photo is of.

We thought Kerouac had played their final show last July. Hell, it was one of the best shows of last year – we’re not about to forget it in a hurry. But the threat of closure to the Southampton Joiners – the venue that Kerouac cut their gig-teeth on – has brought them together for one last show. They’ll be joined by Our Time Down Here, Burn The Fleet, Drawings, New Desert Blues, and Bewilder. Yes, that’s a killer line-up. Yes, you need to go to it.

If you’re anywhere even slightly near Southampton, you’ve got two burning reasons to go to this gig. Firstly, you’ll be doing your bit to protect small venues, and secondly you’ll be grasping what is almost certainly your last chance (for real this time!) to see Kerouac play live. We cannot stress enough how much you owe it to yourself to see this band play live. C’mon guys, when have we ever let you down? Exactly. Saturday night. Southampton Joiners. GO.

Kerouac Southampton Joiners Final Show Flyer Thrash Hits

Tickets were just £10 in advance – they might be a couple more quid on the door but it really, really doesn’t matter. Go to this show. Fuck it, listen to ‘Fiends’ by Kerouac and dare tell us we’re wrong.



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