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February 26th, 2013

Live: Deftones @ London Brixton Academy – 20 February 2013

Deftones 2011 promo photo Thrash Hits

We love Deftones so when they played Brixton Academy last week, we figured we should pop down, have a couple of beers and do some moshes. Then we figured we ought to review it, so we did that as well. We provide a complete service. Sure.

Six things we learned when Deftones played at the London Brixton Academy:


1) Openers Three Trapped Tigers confuse and confuddle with their dense and amply heavy electronica. Drummer Adam Betts is the star of the show providing a jaw dropping level of technical ability that is a clear testament to why they were hand picked for this show by one Chino Moreno. Fans of the vocalists more experimental side project Team Sleep will have found plenty to enjoy here.

2) If we’re talking about Deftones‘ performances tonight, Chino is as good as he has been for the past couple of years but Steph Carpenter’s even better. We could go on about his guitar tone for a couple of hundred words but that would detract from the bass. The bass from Sergio Vega’s guitar and Frank Delgado’s turntables sounds enormous. There are cabs covering 50 per cent of the front of the stage and you wouldn’t bet against every single one of them pumping out bass. Dizzee would love it.

3) Sadly, the opposite is true of the sound for letlive. because they can only be heard in small pockets around the venue. It’s something that we’ve seen so many times before – the main support sounds fucking rubbish. Is it a poor rig? A difficulty in transposing the musicianship to grander acoustics? The soundman? SABOTAGE? Dunno, but it’s annoying to see a performance filled with the energy and verve that we’re used to getting from this band by now, seemingly lost in a cavern.

4) For all the adoration showered on Deftones tonight the mood in the room noticeably changes when Mr Moreno straps on a guitar. It is not that he can’t play or that it doesn’t add another layer to the ‘tones already rich sonic palette but rather that he is by far and away at his best when galumphing around the stage with joyous abandon. FREE HIM FROM HIS SIX-STRINGED SHACKLES!

5) While a quarter of tonight’s set is naturally dedicated to last year’s Koi No Yokan, there is no doubt that this is a greatest hits set. Judging by the fact they play four songs off Diamond Eyes, including the opening track, and three off White Pony they know how important those two albums are. With no qualms about dropping ‘Be Quiet And Drive’ and ‘My Own Summer’ at #3 and #4 and a nod to the old school with the Adrenaline-fuelled encore, Deftones are touching each base as they run around this diamond.

6) There’s a theory that everyone of the nu metal generation has had sex to White Pony. There are definitely some sexy vibes in the air tonight. However, Abe Cunningham’s crazy rhythms keep the gyrating hips ‘interesting’. He also hits the drums so, so hard. Don’t want to relate any more sexy vibes now. Nope. No more.



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