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February 12th, 2013

Pancake Day: Bring Me The Horizon tell us their favourites

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We were granted some pretty exclusive interview time with one of the biggest British metal bands around today, so ahead of their excellent fourth album, Sempiternal being released, we decided to ask Bring Me The Horizon what their favourite pancake fillings are.

Matt Nicholls
“Banana and Nutella has got to be #1. Nutella’s wicked, bananas are wicked and pancakes are wicked. Put ’em all together and… It’s just wicked.”

Oliver Sykes
“I only eat banana and Nutella on mine but I can make a new one up… Peanut butter and egg. I had a peanut butter and egg sandwich the other day. Yeah, it was good.”

Lee Malia
“I’m one for just sugar… or put some strawberry jam on it.”

Jordan Fish
“Are we allowed savoury? Yeah? I’ll go for cheese, then. Cheddar and onion or cheddar and tomato. Like on a crepe.”

Matt Kean
“I had one with sausages and cheese in it.”
“I bet that’s good. Like a Yorkshire pudding, innit!”
“Ooh. Get a bit of gravy to dip it in.”

Oliver Sykes
“Another one? Ice cream. What flavour… Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey.”

We’re definitely taking Oli’s tip with the ice cream but have you got better pancake fillings than the Yorkshire terrors? Leave your pearls of wisdom below in a comment, then. Would you like to read an even sillier post about Heavy Metal Pancake Fillings? Click that link then.


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