Thrash Hits

February 5th, 2013

So Biffy Clyro and System of a Down are playing Reading and Leeds 2013? Where have we heard that before?

Biffy Clyro promo photo Thrash Hits

Last night on Radio 1, six new names were added to the Reading and Leeds 2013 festival line-ups, and wow, some of them look pretty familiar. Biffy Clyro headlinging the main stage! And System of a Down playing the main stage! Just where did we hear some of this particular bit of news before now…say, back around November 2012?

Oh yeah, that’s right – we mentioned it on the Thrash Hits Twitter feed.

Okay, so we weren’t 100% bang on the money this time – System of a Down aren’t headlining the Main stage, but playing slightly further down the bill on it – but y’know, we still reckon we’re pretty much on point when it comes this sort of rumour-mill mongering. Yeah, that sound you can hear is us blowing our own trumpet so, so hard.

In addition to the pair we’d already alerted you too, four more acts were added to the Reading and Leeds Festival line-ups last night – Bring Me The Horizon, Fall Out Boy, Jake Bugg and Foals. Yeah, Bring Me The Horizon are trying to crack that glass ceiling. Yeah, Fall Out Boy reforming and playing a gig is as big deal, given how important we said they were to the last decade of rock music. Yeah, we don’t really care about the last two.

Watch the video to ‘Shadow Moses’ by BMTH. Yeah:

These new additions join a line-up that includes the previously announced headliner Eminem, as well as Deftones. There are some other acts playing, but they’re not really Thrash Hits-ish enough for us to waste time writing about them. You want more info? You want to shell out £197.50 (plus fees, parking, camping, and a load of other extras that will push your ticket price above £200 for the weekend)? Well, head on over to either the Reading or Leeds Festival site and fill your festival boots with ’em.