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February 27th, 2013

Steve Gullick’s Punk As Fuck exhibition to launch in London

Jesus Lizard Steve Gullick Punk As Fuck Exhibition Thrash Hits 2013

From 01 March 2013, legendary rock photographer, Steve Gullick will be exhibiting a selection of hand-printed photographs of bands such as Nirvana, Soundgarden and The Jesus Lizard (above) in east London . It’s called Punk As Fuck and it’s running until 31 March 2013 at Indo, 133 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1DT.

Taken from now-defunct music weeklies Melody Maker and Sounds between 1990 and 1993, Gullick photographed bands during the grunge and punk rock resurgence years. We remember going to the Nirvana Winterlong exhibition about 12 years ago, in which Gullick’s photographs also appeared. There are few other photographers of the modern era who can genuinely be called “iconic”, but Gullick is one.

A bonus for the opening night, this Friday 01 March, is that Spider’s Love Buzz clubnight will also be running at Indo until 3am. That’s Spider from Black Spiders, FYI. Gullick took their band photos, FYI.

punk as fuck flyer steve gullick exhibition london thrash hits 2013

There’s nothing else to say. This is why we don’t write “news stories” on every singly ruddy thing, but this is really cool and you should definitely go, if you can.



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