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February 11th, 2013

Top 6: Metal Bands @ By:Larm 2013

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It appears that Finland is the most metal country in the world, but Norway is unquestionably the home of black metal, which is pretty metal. Norway is also home to By:Larm Festival, which is occurring on 13-16 February in Oslo. It’s a great place for showcasing the finest in fresh Scandinavian talent of all genres, but obviously there’s loads of metal there.

We’d have made a nifty “Thrash Hits goes to By:Larm” header, but we’re not going. However, while you don’t need telling to go and see bands like Blood Command, Turbonegro and Shining, we can still suggest some other bands you should go and see. So…

Top 6 Metal Bands @ By:Larm 2013

BOMBUSFacebook // Website
To give you a vague idea of where this Swedish quartet is coming from, they went on tour with The Sword across Scandinavia earlier in 2013. Yes, it’s sludgy stoner metal. There’s a doomy edge here and there and there’s a punky edge here and there but yes, they’re pretty good.

GOD SEEDFacebook // Website
Like Turbonegro and Shining, God Seed really shouldn’t need any introduction. Featuring former Gorgoroth vocalist, Gaahl, they are everything you expect from a Bergen Black Metal band. You know: silly leather, silly facepaint, silly pointy things. You know.

MAN THE MACHETESIdiokrati review
Having just released their debut album, Idiokrati, these Norwegians are looking to make a splash in 2013. They sound like Kvelertak playing hardcore anthems – that’s a description worth watching.

HONNINGBARNAFacebook // Website
Honningbarna are a bunch of Norwegian teenagers playing awesome hardcore. That sentence alone will excite some of you but because they’re a new band, you won’t fully trust me that they’re good. They played hipster festival, Iceland Airwaves in 2011 as well. That’s probably a better commendation.

VITHR (Viðr)Facebook
Another miserable Black Metal band from Bergen. If you liked God Seed, watch these as well.

NORWEGIAN THRASH! They cover ‘Raining Blood’. What more do you want to know? Nothing. Go drink some £10 half pints and throw your filthy longhair around to it.


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