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March 25th, 2013

Album: Bleed From Within – Uprising

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Bleed From Within
Century Media
25 March 2013

by Gavin Lloyd

Up to this point, conversations among metal fans about Bleed From Within probably went something along these lines:

“Do you like Bleed From Within?”

“I’ve never listened to them, to be honest.”

“They’re okay.”

It’s not the ideal reaction a band is looking for but the Glasgow lads have never quite been able to make that big an impact.

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Yet in a world where everyone from the local fishmonger to the chugger who’s trying to get cash out of you for the lonely goldfish foundation seems to be in a band, it is hard to get noticed. Internet rumblings suggest that Bleed From Within have their sights set on the big leagues with the release of their third album, Uprising, but on first listen it seems in many ways the band playing it safe. Often sticking very much to the archetypal metalcore rulebook, Uprising takes many cues from a tried and tested framework. Sombre instrumental sections such as ‘Speechless’ pop up here and there to add some reflection between the layers of aggression, while there will be more than a few riffs that will no doubt sound familiar.

This isn’t to say it is a bad album – the three year absence between albums has seen Bleed From Within transform into a much better band. The production sounds huge and the likes of ‘Colony’ and ‘The War Around Us’ are chest-beating, fist-in-the-air anthems, with a rhythm section full of bounce sitting alongside chunky groove infused riffs. Vocalist Scott Kennedy has ditched his deathcore squeals for full-blooded throaty growls that spit lyrics of defiance and unity that are both passionate and believable.

Listen to ‘It Lives In Me’ by Bleed From Within:

It may be metal by numbers, but it’s hard to dispute that Bleed From Within have done it so well. In many ways, the bands no-frills approach is part of their charm and works in their favour, unashamedly giving a nod towards their heritage. the refreshing lack of gimmicks casts it as metalcore as it is meant to be, and only the most stubborn of trolls will not be able to look past Kennedy’s hair and appreciate it for the album that it is.


Sounds Like: Lamb of God, Miss May I, Bury Tomorrow
Standout Tracks: Colony, Uprising, The War Around Us



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