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March 11th, 2013

Album: Everclear – Invisible Stars

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Invisible Stars
11 March 2013

by Ruth Booth

Hold it right there. I remember you, Art Alexakis, you and that Everclear. In the late nineties, So Much For The Afterglow was the soundtrack to every teen movie poolside BBQ your licensors could get their mitts on. Oh, there have been other records since, but for one glorious summer, we were in love. Then you waltzed off home to America, because your big time record label couldn’t justify spending the money to get you to tour here. Now you come swanning back with your new record, your fancy 20th anniversary UK tour, and you think you can just make it all right again? Well, I’ll tell you what, Art Alexakis. You’ve got another thing coming.

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You left it too late. Those lads you used to run with , Montoya and Eklund, they quit the band years ago. How do we even know you are Everclear anymore? Maybe you can still do a thumping MTV punk rock anthem with a sting in the tail. So that synthy crunch in ‘Falling In a Good Way’ makes High School peaking sound appealing. That doesn’t mean we’ve forgiven you. ‘Rocket For The Girl‘ is just the new ‘I Will Buy You A New Life‘.

I’m not saying you haven’t picked up a few tricks in the intervening years. The whining sneer of ‘The Golden Rule‘. The Grand Canyon anthem of ‘Wishing‘. Keyboards. But then you have to open your bloody mouth and ruin it. “We are like opposites attract on crack“? “I need your sex like a donkey needs a hard drug“? What? Like….ketamine? ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY WE’RE BORING?

Still. I have to admit, your new album scratches an itch like only a few Clueless-era survivors can. Nods to John Hughes movies, those Beach Boys harmonies, that acoustic twinkle before that bam-bam-bam alt rock riff – all the old button pushes you know damn well get us right there. It’s even kind of cute that you still think that cheesy spoken word/rap verse thing works…

Watch the video to ‘Be Careful What You Ask For’ by Everclear:

NO. Forget it. We’ve all moved on here. We don’t need your love ’em than leave ’em, Seedy Underbelly of the Endless Californian Sunshine schtick! Oh, you think I’m overreacting? Imagine how Dublin feels! In fact, you haven’t bloody changed, have you? You’re still “all fucked up“. You’re still obsessed with the power and money you don’t have. Your lyrical love life’s still got more drama than a Hollyoaks Omnibus. And you still make it sound as ragin’ as a loqued out jeep with four wheel drive, dual side airbags and a monster sound system…


Sounds Like: MTV’s Total Request Live, circa 1997-8
Standout Tracks: Falling In A Good Way, I Am Better Without You, Aces



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