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March 5th, 2013

Album: Nero Di Marte – Nero Di Marte

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Nero Di Marte
Nero Di Marte
Prosthetic Records
18 March 2013

by Danny Montana

Occasionally a band pops out and they have zero profile but has something about them – something that’s going to make a few people take note, at least. Nero Di Marte are one of them. Having previously been called Murder Theory, the Italian quartet changed their name upon signing to Prosthetic. They also changed their style slightly, rounding off the techy edges found on their old material in favour of a slightly more palatable sound.

nero di marte cover artwork prosthetic band thrash hits 2013

‘Convergence’, for example, is a grand example of melodic but still technical progressive metal. Largely harking back to From Mars To Sirius era Gojira with a soupcon of Swedish melodeath, it flows from crushingly heavy to insanely tuneful throughout its six and a half minutes. The 12-minute title track sees English vocalist, Sean Worrell growling through gritted teeth over the sounds of swirling, devious guitars and occasionally obnoxious time signatures. The tumultuous sounds wither away to sparse notes and whispered sounds before the carefully orchestrated cacophony returns. Worrell’s voice is always coarse but he has the ability to make a clenched scream soar. It’s a sound that true metallers could never turn their nose up at.

There’s a lot going on – sometimes too much – but it’s definitely music to grow a beard and bang your head to. With six tracks clocking in at almost 50 minutes, it’s an intense experience but Nero Di Marte have set out their stall with their debut album. It’s ambitious, it’s heavy and with the backing of the label and a few good tours, this album could see Italy gain a prominent new face in the metal world.


Sounds like: Gojira, Dark Tranquility The Ocean Collective
Top tracks: Convergence, Drawn Back



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