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March 28th, 2013

Album: The Amenta – Flesh Is Heir

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The Amenta
Flesh Is Heir
Listenable Records
26 March 2013

by Daniel Cairns

As someone that went utterly batshit over The Amenta’s second album n0n, Flesh Is Heir initially felt a bit… off. n0n was (deep breath now) the best metal album of 2008, a savage cacophony of industrial, ambient, death and black metal, replete with lashings of nihilism and loathing. Which was nice. The first few tracks on Flesh Is Heir don’t sound anywhere near as hopeless (in a good “argh, fuck this world” way, not in a “christ this sounds shit” way) or disgusted.

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Second track ‘Ego Ergo Sum’ even sounds like Gojira, which is all well and good if you’re into Morbid Angel singing about whales, Greenpeace and that, but this isn’t why people got into The Amenta, is it? There’s nothing strictly wrong with it, but compared to how fucked off with humanity n0n sounded it’s disappointingly catchy and ordinary.

Things start to get nastier again by the time ‘Obliterate’s Prayer’ turns up. There’s an excellent fakeout at the start with a deceptively melodic opening that sounds like something you’d skip past on a shit music channel, but then suddenly, OOF… the guitars start sounding like whirring bits of machinery and the double bass drums fire in. The album kicks up a gear from here and becomes a lot more interesting and (wanky music journalism buzzword imminent) “visceral.” It’s pretty clear that Flesh Is Heir is still a cut above 99 percent of the other chaff that gets released, but it does sound like the band have lost something in the 5 years since n0n. Compared to how filthy it sounded, Flesh Is Heir is altogether far too clean and palatable, and isn’t anywhere near as furious. n0n was a hard listen and was all the better for it. Flesh Is Heir’s a lot more immediate, which is maybe a better sell to most people, but to a harsh noise loving dork that has been known to do his ironing listening to Whitehouse, it’s anti-climactic.

Watch the video for ‘Teeth’ by The Amenta:

Flesh Is Heir feels more like a sideways step for The Amenta than representing any real progression. It’s got the industrial black metal stuff from the first album Ocassus, with smatterings of the more progressive, atmospheric bits of n0n, but it doesn’t sound anywhere near as violent or compulsive as either.

All moaning aside though, this is still worth checking out, and they’re still better at this industrial metal stuff than everyone else, but (and I apologise profusely for this next bit) perhaps for this particular, jaded piece of shit reviewer, it just wasn’t amenta be (applause).


Sounds Like: Red Harvest, Gojira
Standout Tracks: Obliterate’s Prayer, Disintegrate



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