Thrash Hits

March 15th, 2013

The Defiled sign to Nuclear Blast. About bloody time.

The Defiled 2013 promo photo Thrash Hits

Long-time readers of Thrash Hits will be quite familiar with The Defiled. After all, we have been talking them up from as early as 2008. Well, it’s only taken record labels half a decade to catch up with us – today the band announced that they’ve signed a worldwide deal with European powerhouse label, Nuclear Blast.

The Defiled featured as the 10th entry in our Future Hits column (and we’ve had over a hundred entries since then), and while the band has changed two members since then, they’ve always remained one of the bands we were happy to stake our reputation on. While a lot of tr00 kvlt types turn their noses up at them, their Meshuggah-esque tones, willingness to tour their tits off, and downright berserk attitude to keyboard destruction slowly but surely built their fanbase to make them one of the UK’s hottest up and coming bands.

To mark their signing, we thought we’d take a look back at the many times the band have found themselves in front of the Thrash Hits TV camera, more often than not shaming us, themselves, and on at least one occasion, an innocent passer-by. First, let’s marvel at the truly awful quality of the first ever video we shot for Thrash Hits TV, where we asked The Defiled (and a load of other bands at at Bloodstock Open Air 2008) what the most metal kind of meat is. Yep:

The second time we got The Defiled in front of the camera was as the band prepared to make an appearance at the first ever UK Sonisphere Festival, back in 2009. We were moderately drunk making this one:

The next time we interviewed The Defiled was backstage at Sonisphere Festival 2011 – they might’ve been two years older, but they definitely weren’t two years’ wiser:

…and the most recent interview with the boys was backstage at last year’s Download Festival, where Stitch was smuggling booze about in his bag, and The A.v.D kept cutting us up with his motor:

Thank fuck our video editing has improved since the early days. The Defiled will be releasing their second studio album, Daggers, on Nuclear Blast later this year, but you can buy the lead single from the record, ‘Sleeper’, from iTunes right damn now. Yes, you probably should shell out 99p for it.