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April 5th, 2013

Album: Bring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal

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Bring Me The Horizon
01 April 2013

by Raziq Rauf

This album leaked a long time ago. It was the middle of February – almost three months before it was meant to be released to the public. The clamour to hear Sempiternal was so tangible because this is one of the most anticipated releases in heavy metal this year. Why? Oli Sykes is a bona fide star and Bring Me The Horizon have signed to a major label for this, their fourth album. The Sheffield oiks appear to have come good.

Bring Me The Horizon 2013 sempiternal cover art artwork sony oli sykes

While the first two singles, the mosh-friendly ‘Shadow Moses’ and anti-political diatribe, ‘Antivist’ are far from indicative of the subtle but varied nuances that new member, keyboardist, Jordan Fish in particular brings to the table in Sempiternal, there is much to be found on this album. From the siren sounds of spacious, spluttering opening track, ‘Can You Feel My Heart’ and the faster, riff heavy ‘The House Of Wolves’ to the Taking Back Sunday homage, ‘Seen It All Before’, it’s clear that this album has built upon their often glorious electronics-aided third album. It’s also clear that the songs have been slowed down to add the grandiose feeling and space between the notes that is required for a song to work in larger venues. Coupled with Oli Sykes’ ability to write vocal hooks that simply demand to be sung along with, it’s a winning combination.

In songs like ‘Empire’ and the excellently uplifting ‘Sleepwalking’, Sykes often sounds like a vocal hybrid between Chester Benington and Corey Taylor (both c.2001) and Lee Malia’s guitar lines have that nu metal bounce. Is this the beginning of a revival of the most maligned of metal genres? No, but the influence of nu metal is strong – it’s what they all grew up listening to. However, what BMTH add to their influences is a level of thought and social dissection formed through their experiences as a band as spitefully criticised as the genre. The result is a collection of songs that is thoroughly accessible but also has just enough of a layer of substance to lend Sempiternal some righteous gravitas.

Watch the video to ‘Shadow Moses’ by Bring Me The Horizon:

Ultimately, this album will not disappoint those who were always going to listen to it. Bring Me The Horizon’s position as the premier extreme metal band from the UK will be elevated further amongst their fans and their standing in the mainstream will be consolidated. The leak may have hampered their label’s potential to get a return on their investment, but the legend of BMTH will live on. This time in arenas.


Sounds like: Bring Me The Horizon grew up and want to keep growing
Standout tracks: Sleepwalking, Shadow Moses, Seen It All Before



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