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April 2nd, 2013

Album: Deez Nuts – Bout It

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Deez Nuts
Bout It
Century Media
08 April 2013

by Gavin Lloyd

While the often elitist attitudes of some segments of the hardcore scene can put a dampener on things, it remains a genre with a rich heritage, providing the world with a wealth of great bands both old and new. Then again, it has also produced bands like Deez Nuts.

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At first things don’t look too bleak. The album’s opener and title track is an undeniably fun slice of bouncy hardcore, but it’s remarkable how quick this becomes grating. Everyone likes to watch the odd silly youtube video of someone falling over their dog, but if you were to watch 40 minutes+ in a row, you’re probably a dribbling moron with an IQ of a baked potato. The same can be said of listening to Bout It in full.

The band’s third album sounds exactly like every Deez Nuts release to date. For the (fortunately) uninitiated, this amounts to bog-standard generic hardcore – punk beat, breakdown, gang vocals yadda yadda, you get the drill. This is combined with front man JJ Peter’s dire MC style vocals, conveying a plastic gangster full of macho bullshit (and not to forget a big old dollop of sexism and homophobia. The bland and unimaginative musicality on offer could almost be forgiven however what gets tiresome awfully fast is the constant talk of “bitches”, “not giving a fuck” and “getting fucked up”.

Watch the video to ‘Shot After Shot’ by Deez Nuts:

The only real moment of variety comes in the form of closing track ‘Band of Brothers’, which features guest vocals from Architects’ Sam Carter. I imagine Carter had a set of lyrics prepared about the bloody government or something, but were ditched in favour of “drinking til dawn”. It offers somewhat of a change from the rest of Bout It, but it’s a change much in the way a colonic is. It’s different alright but most people would still choose to avoid it altogether.

We live in a depressing age where mainstream culture has not only embraced but nourished acting like a bell-end. Who cares as long as we’re all getting off our tits and fucking strangers, right? Hardcore should be an escape route from people who despise this juvenile attitude, however bands like Deez Nuts remain as stupid as they are unoriginal by also promoting such ideas (as long as you do it with lots of tattoos, naturally).


Sounds Like: Terror meets Insane Clown Possee
Standout Tracks: The title track is bearable (I guess)



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