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April 10th, 2013

Album: Terror – Live By The Code

Terror 2013 promo photo Thrash Hits

Live By The Code
Century Media
08 April 2013

by Rob McAuslan

The last decade or so has been punctuated by a stream of (more or less) reliably-decent Terror records, to the point where you could almost pick up a new one without bothering much about reading reviews. Is Live By The Code likely to be any different?

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Much like their more metallic brethren in Hatebreed, if you’ve heard one Terror album you’ve pretty much heard them all and the difference between them mainly comes down to your personal preferences re: production, and which variation on the HC themes of self-empowerment and unity you fancy having yelled at you today. Live By The Code has a bit of a heavier touch to the production than Keepers Of The Faith‘s more ‘live’ feel, and there’s a bit less melody than that record contained, but otherwise you’re getting pretty much exactly what you expect.

Not every band suits radical changes in direction, as legions of AC/DC and Slayer fans will gladly tell you, and Terror wear that kind of dogged adherence to a well-worn style in much the same way. Scott Vogel and co have this particular hardcore lark down to a fine art. All that Live By The Code really sets out to do is provide a new set of old-school pit anthems for Vogel to stagedive to, with plenty of gang-choruses for everyone in the room to join in with and some big chunky beatdowns to encourage the sort of silly dancing you only ever see at these kind of shows.


Sounds Like: Just like every other Terror album
Standout Tracks: Invasion, Live By The Code, Not Impressed



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