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April 22nd, 2013

Album: The Catharsis – Romance

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The Catharsis
Speedowax / Enjoyment Records
22 April 2013

by Gavin Lloyd

Being a hardcore fan can have its fair share of hardships. Worrying that you might pull a muscle while hardcore dancing. The ever-growing pile of TDON and Purgatory Records t-shirts you have to wash and iron. Not to mention how exhausting listening to the likes of Brutality Will Prevail all the time is, and how hard enjoying a Cornetto on the beach is while listening to Bastions. If only there was something to listen to that was aggressive but didn’t leave you so emotionally drained…well, get ready to turn those tattooed frowns upside down kids, as The Catharsis are about to release their debut Romance, and it’s a whole lot of fun.

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Don’t let the concept of a good time put you off – this album is unashamedly heavy and there’s plenty on offer as to why they’ve already played shows with the cream of the UKHC crop. From the slow screech of feedback and the cries of “This is a funeral” by frontman Morgan Tedd on the album’s opener, the band spare little time in rolling out the riffs. The heaviness is complemented by a great sense of groove that provides a wealth of bounce, as well as some killer baselines in lieu of something many hardcore bands merely treat as a necessity rather than an instrument in it’s own right. The pace is unrelenting – there’s no slow punishing builds or any ‘we’re all a bit sad’ gang vocals over a piano interlude. The band have an unbridled punk rock energy throughout that results in rager after rager.

Be it the wealth of lines begging to be screamed along such as ‘Dead Man Talking’s “take my heart I swear I don’t need it” or Tedd’s devilish laugh before the foundation rattling breakdown in ‘Heart Burner’, what Romance is at its core is an album that is meant to be played live. It’s all summed up perfectly in ‘Styx’ – a definite album highlight that will have you singing you’re lungs out with your arms in the air one minute before promptly bringing your arms down to elbow your mates in the ribs the next.

Watch the video to ‘O’ Recluse’ by The Catharsis:

The Catharsis may not be the biggest name at the moment, but on the strength of Romance and their live reputation , it’s not hard to see how they’ve already built a humble yet passionate following. Give it a listen and go raise hell next time they play or just stick it on your headphone and pop to Brighton for the day. It doesn’t really matter how you listen to it the results will be the same and that is that you will have a whale of a time.


Sounds Like: Norma Jean, Gallows
Standout Tracks: Dead Man Talking, Styx, O’Recluse



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