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April 24th, 2013

Interview: Empress AD talk new album and touring with Cancer Bats + Bring Me The Horizon

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We’ve been fans of Empress for a while now. We saw their fourth ever gig or something like that and even then, we could see their potential. We even put them on our own gig in November. Now, however, they’ve got a debut album recorded and ready to be released AND they’re going out on tour with Bring Me The Horizon. We chatted to bassist, Alex Loring about stuff and things.

How did touring with BMTH come about?
“We were actually in a studio mixing the album when we first got wind of the tour. One of the Bring Me dudes got in contact with us saying they were into our sound. They invited us to do the tour with them pretty much there and then. It’s a great feeling knowing that they want us to be there based simply on our music.”

What have you learnt from touring with Cancer Bats? Was going on first difficult?
“Watching [Cancer Bats] and Brutality Will Prevail every night was really insightful. We soon learned that in some ways being first on the bill on a tour like that is much like cold calling: hardly anyone knew us or had heard our songs, especially as we played loads of stuff from the album. You need to absolutely smash it every night to get people’s attention. Thankfully, it went really well and we made a lot of new fans.”

Tell us about the album.
“We’re really proud of the album. Everything came together quickly at the back end of 2012, so in retrospect the actual process of recording was very intense. As we moved through the different stages though, everything felt really considered and deliberate. The songs on the album work perfectly together and we feel like all the pieces fell into place. We have to give a special mention to our man Andrew Schneider. He really appreciated what we were trying to do and helped us to create it. We can’t wait for you to hear it!”

Why have you left the two singles, the most familiar songs off the album?
“We recorded the main parts – drums, bass and two guitars – of the album live. We did have ‘Left In Awe’ and ‘Perplexed Again’ in the back of our minds for the album but when we came to tracking those tracks it just didn’t feel right. We’re hippies like that – we practically meditate over riffs. We wrote those two tracks over four years ago and though we still love them – they weren’t meant to be on the debut album.”

And finally… How often have you seen the empress/impress/impressive pun in articles?
That don’t Empress me much.

We don’t know what the album’s called yet, but it’ll be out at some point in 2013. Here are the tourdates for Empress supporting Bring Me The Horizon and Crossfaith, which are all sold out. You should go and visit Empress’s Facebook page and click Like as well.

Manchester Academy II
30 Newcastle University
Inverness Ironworks
02 Glasgow ABC
04 Portsmouth Pyramids Centre
05 Cardiff Solus
06 Wolverhampton Wulfrun
07 London Koko


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