Thrash Hits

April 25th, 2013

Is Hevy Festival 2013 currently without a site? **UPDATED** (They say they do, they just can’t tell you where yet)

It seems as though Hevy Festival may – temporarily at least – be without a venue is moving to a new location for 2013.  The Aspinall Foundation, the charity that operates Port Lympne Wild Animal Park where the festival has taken place for the last three years – have taken a nearly unprecedented step of issuing a statement saying the festival will not be taking place at the park again this year.

The full statement from the Aspinall Foundation is as follows:

Port Lympne Wild Animal Park has announced today that the popular music festival – Hevy, will not be held on the grasslands area of the 600 acre estate this year.

The festival organisers were in talks early in 2013 looking to rent the site for the fourth year in a row, however no agreement was reached and no contract was signed.

The statement has been issued today after management at the wild animal park had noticed repeated social media posts and press releases stating that the festival was to be held on the grasslands area – located outside the wild animal park.

In a move for total transparency, concerned management wanted to ensure that festival goers, some of which, have already purchased tickets via the music events’ website and ticket sales sites, were aware that they would not be enjoying the music event in the advertised location in 2013.

Carole Thomas, Head of Communications said: ‘At no point was an agreement or contract signed to hold the Hevy festival here at the grasslands in 2013.  I have no idea where the event will be held – and I hope those that have already purchased tickets, will get answers to the questions they may have about where the event is to be held.’

Ticket holders and interested festival goers are advised to contact Hevy directly via their website , Facebook pages or Twitter.

That doesn’t sound good – the bit where the Aspinall Foundation calls Hevy up on using their site on their promo materials when no contract had been signed is particularly worrying. At the time of writing, there has been no statement from Hevy Festival’s promoters, although all mention of Port Lympne Wild Animal Park have been removed from the official Hevy Festival website. In fact, if you look at the festival’s information page, there’s currently no information about a venue at all. The festival only announced Killswitch Engage as its final one of their headliners yesterday – what this new development means for one of the UK’s up-and-coming outdoor festival remains to be seen.

**UPDATED** James Dutton, Festival Director at Hevy sent us an email earlier today confirming the festival is in the process of moving to a new venue. He pointed us in the direction of a statement published on Kent Online:

Hevy is definitely still going ahead. We are still going to be in Kent, on the same dates in August. I have spent the last six months looking at new venues, and we have one lined up, but we are still sorting contracts so I can’t reveal it yet. I can say it is closer to London. I feel sad as I have really enjoyed being at Port Lympne for the past few years, but we needed more space. All tickets which have already been bought will of course be valid at the new venue.

Well, there you have it.