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April 5th, 2013

Live: Weezer + NOFX @ Punkspring Festival – Osaka, Japan – 30 March 2013

Punkspring 2013 Weezer Thrash Hits

Most of our readers might not be familiar with the name Will Beardmore, but he’s the guy working feverishly behind the scenes on the long-awaited, much-trumped, and forever-delayed Thrash Hits redesign (and boy, is it looking good). He’s on holiday right now, mucking about over in Japan, so when he said he’d been to Punkspring festival out there….well, what sort of a music website would we be if we turned down a review?

6 Things We Learnt When We Saw Weezer Headline Punkspring Festival in Osaka, Japan:

1) Do you know what Jimi Hendrix has been busy doing in the afterlife? If a little post-gig Wiki research can be trusted, he’s apparently turned his attention to wolf biology in Japan, creating the wolf-headed, Nirvana-covering pop-metal outfit Man With A Mission. Their cover of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’  sat oddly aside their J-Metal anthems, leaving the arena full crowd lapping it up regardless.

2) There are no cameras in the air. Not one. The rules said no cameras and despite the lack of bag search, everyone is happily obeying. And the gig is better for it.

3) No matter how far you travel, that meat head guy that wants to control the pit will be there. You know, that guy that separates everyone, standing with his back to the band sporting a tank top? Yeah, him.

Watch someone’s mobile phone footage of Weezer at Punkspring 2013:

4) Rivers Cuomo is fluent in Japanese. Visibly having a ball communicating with the crowd and translating for his bandmates, it added a little something special to the atmosphere. Trivia fans will note this may have something to do with Mr Cuomo’s Japanese spouse.

5) NOFX are dicks. It’s their act… and pretty funny for the 50 or so westerners in the audience. Not so much for the natives though, as there’s an air of discomfort as they inform the crowd they’re having a really “mediocre” time to a large applause.

6) For the scraps of litter on the floor at the end of the gig, the crowd are given plastic bags to assist in the clean up and nothing is thought of it. Not sure it’d go down that way at a UK arena show…



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