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April 30th, 2013

Top 6: Kvelertak’s favourite television series

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Everyone loves TV, don’t they? They do. Sports are great, soap operas are staple Antipodean exports and the news is a depressing tirade of war and famine, but with politics and innuendo hidden deep within their bite-sized storylines, are television series. You get boxsets and live-tweeting, comedy and drama, but everyone’s got a favourite type. Kvelertak spent the best part of three years touring their debut album around the world. As such, they had a lot of spare time on their hands, so they watched a lot of TV. Here are their favourite shows.

Kvelertak’s Top 6 television series:

1) The KillingWikipedia
Vidar Landa [guitar]: “It’s just dark and rainy. I watched it on our last US tour whenever I would get homesick. It’s just a good story – especially the first season. I like how they mixed crime and politics. It’s very good.”

2) Breaking BadClip
Erlend Hjelvik [vocals]: “I like how everything gets darker and darker and Walter gets more and more fucked up. I can’t talk too much about it because I’ll ruin the show for people. Jesse Pinkman is a big rock fan but at the same time he’s so annoying. You’ll get annoyed all the time, especially in the later seasons.”

3) Sons Of AnarchyTrailer
E: “I won’t say I can relate to it – it’s just a bunch of guys hanging out. It’s a bit like being in a band, I guess, except they’re criminals. That show’s pretty annoying too! They just solve their problems in civil ways.”

Watch Kvelertak’s new video to the Kvelertak anthem. Take care to sing along.

4) The WireThe Guardian dedicated a whole section to The Wire
E: “I can’t remember exactly what happened any more, but I just know it was great. I need to watch that again.”

5) Homeland8.6 on IMDb
V: “I just got addicted to it.”
E: “That one’s super annoying as well. The main character? Maybe this is the Top 6 most annoying shows?”
V: “The ending of the first season when he’s down in the bunker with his suicide bomb… That’s very intense.”

6) DagAussie slang vs IMDb
E: “It’s just a funny show about this anti-social marriage counsellor who just tries to isolate himself as much as possible. It’s actually made by the vocalist from The Cumshots. They’re going to show it outside of Norway now. I’m not sure if it’s going to have a different title or something.”

We’ve had good news this week that the Norwegian sextet is playing Download Festival in June, so go and read our review of Kvelertak’s new album, Meir and then go and buy it. It’s a ruddy excellent album!



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