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May 9th, 2013

Album: Honningbarna – Veden Er Enkel

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Verden Er Enkel
06 May 2013

by Gavin Lloyd

In recent years Norway has slowly become a hot bed for some finest new punk talent. Alongside Kvelertak’s genre-twisting owl-wearing antics and Blood Command showing the world that not all female fronted bands are Paramore clones, the latest export looking to prove their peninsula has a lot more to offer than just high-brow BBC4 crime dramas are a bunch of teenagers going by the name of Honningbarna.

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Much like Kvelertak before them, Verden Er Enkel sees all vocals being sung entirely in Honningbarna’s native tongue. Musically, it also doths their cap to some of Scandinavia’s previous punk success stories. Album opener ‘Ddtid’ comes loaded with raw riffing that immediately call Refused to mind. While the likes of ‘God Jul, Jesus’ and ‘Offerdans’ carry the party vibes of The Hives that often results in songs that are as infectious as they are incendiary. It’s all delivered with a youthful vibrance and it’s also nice to hear a few unique touches such as the cello flourishes on ‘Tynn Is’ and the children’s choir that pop up on ‘Fuck Kunst (Dans Dans)’.

The only real flaw comes in singer Edvard Valberg’s lead vocals. When not having the support from his band mate’s lairy backing vocals, he often starts to sound that bit too tame and lacks the urgency that’s propelling the music around him. While his lyrics are apparently very political his restrained delivery (coupled with the fact I can’t understand them) results in the feeling that he could be singing about anything such as his favourite flavour of ice cream or which series of Friends did Ross’ hair look best in. It leads to moments on the album that plod along, so when Blood Command’s Silje Tombre turns up and raises twelve shades of holy hell during her guest spot on the album’s title track, she really puts the young chap to shame.

Watch the video to ‘Fuck Kunst (Dans, Dans)’ by Honningbarna:

Things close on a high though with the superb ‘Gi Oss Kick’ which perfectly sums up everything Honnigbarna have set out to do on this album providing a raucous punk banger in the making that comes to a superbly chaotic climax. They may not raise pulses to the excited levels that some of their fellow Scandinavians have, but if you need a break while working your way through your box set of The Killing, it’s worth giving Verden Er Enkel a spin.


Sounds Like: Refused, The Hives, The Bronx, Fucked Up
Standout Tracks:  Ddtid, Verden Er Enkel, Gi Oss Kick



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