Thrash Hits

May 15th, 2013

Hair Metal 005: Sam Carter of Architects

sam carter architects mark forrer 2013 thrash hits

There are so many regular features about what sick tattoos bands have got and what awesome trainers they’re wearing, but what about their haircare regime? How do they get their hair looking so cool? HOW? You were thinking it, so we asked it.

What shampoo do you use, Sam Carter of Architects?

“Whatever my mum’s got or whatever my girlfriend’s got. The majority of the time it’s Aussie. It keeps it blonde – it does its job. I don’t do anything: I don’t wash my clothes; I don’t cook my own dinner; I don’t wash up; I don’t pay rent. I don’t know how I have a girlfriend and I don’t know why my mum hasn’t kicked me out.”

Fingers crossed Sam’s girlfriend doesn’t dump him and his mum loves him too much to make him buy his own shampoo.


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