Thrash Hits

May 22nd, 2013

Hair Metal 006: Loz Taylor of While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps band promo photo 2012 thrash hits

There are so many regular features about what sick tattoos bands have got and what awesome trainers they’re wearing, but what about their haircare regime? How do they get their hair looking so cool? HOW? You were thinking it, so we asked it.

What shampoo do you use, Loz Taylor of While She Sleeps?

Loz: “I don’t do anything with it. I wash it with what I’ve got and I let it dry naturally. One day when I might have some money I’ll treat myself to a bit of a shampoo but at the moment I’m chilling with whatever I can find.”

Mat: “We’re not endorsed by any shampoo companies yet. I prefer Aussie personally. I like the smell of that shit.”

Sam Carter from Architects uses that.

Loz: “Sam’s got nice hair, hasn’t he.”

Yes, he does, but so do you, Loz. As long as you keep those split ends under control.


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