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May 24th, 2013

Interview: Jared Leto of 30 Seconds To Mars talks about his bed and beating himself up

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Aaah, 30 Seconds To Mars. The ultimate in style over substance, right? They’re a massive band with average songs but really quite cool videos and they released a new album this week – Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams. This meant that we got a few minutes on the phone with Jared Leto to ask him as many questions bland enough so that he wouldn’t hang up the phone on as possible. But yes, of course we asked him about his bed. This isn’t a good interview.

How does Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams relate to This Is War?
“In some ways it’s an evolution and in some ways it’s a new beginning. My brother plays the drums and various other instruments and I play guitar and write songs so it’s always going to be 30 Seconds To Mars but if you push yourself and challenge yourself, you can break through and explore new territory.”

Tell us about the competition to win the chance to sleep in your bed
“I just wanted to do something ridiculous and have fun with it. You’ve got to do so many corny marketing ideas, so what would we be excited about? What if we could win something from our favourite band back in the day and you should look online and find the photos of the actual event – it was fun – and you kind of have to see there’s a bit of a joke in there too. It’s not like I was included, in the bed…”

Thirty Seconds to Mars Love Lust Faith + Dreams 2013 cover artwork thrash hits

What’s your favourite thing about your bed?
“That I get to do it with my brother.”
[Pretty sure Jared thought we said “band” not “bed” – Ed]

The album artwork is a Damien Hirst piece. How important is high art to 30STM?
“We worked with some really incredible people over the past couple of months. NASA, Damien Hirst, the US female Olympic gymnastic team and Dita Von Teese [See video below – Ed] and I think the common ground for all these people is they’re creative people who have made reality from their dreams and that’s a really core essential theme throughout this album and throughout 30 Seconds To Mars, certainly throughout my life.”

How does it make you feel when people like Greg Puciato from The Dillinger Escape Plan criticise you in public?
“People talk shit – that’s what they do. There are negative people out there. I can’t worry about those people. The 15-year-old kid in me would probably say, ‘Fuck you,’ but the grown-up just kinda laughs and doesn’t pay attention to it. I don’t even know what you’re referring to. [THIS, FYI] I’m not even aware of it. I think it’s just part of the game, whether you’re the President or the Pope or Björk or Bono, it doesn’t matter. If you have a certain amount of success, people throw stones. It’s all part of the Tall Poppy Syndrome, but whether you’re an athlete or an explorer, if you push and challenge yourself and your dreams, there are always going to be people out there that are gonna wanna talk about other people that are living dreams and challenges. If they think they’re doing me a favour they should probably just turn the attention on themselves and think about how they can do a better job for themselves and their life. I fail enough and I beat myself up enough. I don’t need anybody else to do it for me.”

Anyway. You’re playing Download Festival 2013 again. Tell us about that…
“Whenever we get asked about shows we try to make it sound like it’s a cross between a wrestling competition and a death metal show so I’ll say that we plan on boiling people’s eyeballs and hopefully making their brains melt. It’s gonna be a blast.”


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