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May 10th, 2013

Jared Leto’s Wrongs 005: Running a competition to sleep in his bed

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No, no, you read that correctly. Our Jared is giving one super-lucky 30STD fan the chance to sleep in his bed, in his house via the 30 Seconds To Mars website. WOW.

It’s obviously a great and very personal prize to win if you’re a fan of 30 Seconds To Mars but we cannot include ourselves in that hallowed category. To us, it’s creepy. All one has to do is pre-order their new album, LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS. They’ll even fly you over to wherever it is that he lives. There are promises of pancakes and coffee after you’ve coated yourself in Leto’s dried sweat and discarded epithelial tissue.

It’s creepy.

However, if you won this extraordinary prize, what would you do in Jared Leto’s bed? It doesn’t really matter what you say, because one imagines that our Jared will probably just buy a new bed afterwards.

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  • Sophie MARS

    Wow someone’s definetely jealous. Do you feel that low of yourself that you have to degrade and insult someone else who’s probably way better than you? You don’t even have the balls or lady balls to put your f*cking name in YOUR article. Oh well.

  • Mars Angel

    sounding like a certain reporter if you can call yourself that is the one wanting to be the competition winner.

  • ningster

    Firstly it is 30stm, not 30std. If you could spell or have the guts to put your name to this article then maybe, just maybe someone may listen to your little rant. A little rant like this one (put I can spell so I think I have the advantage right now and you have my online name). As a supposed reporter or blogger or whatever you call yourself, surely it is important to get the facts right. Well then this article is wrong because the prize wasn’t to sleep in his bed, it was to have a sleepover in his house in a sleeping bag in his lounge I believe.

  • Valeria Evans

    Why do I get the feeling either A: Leto is in on this, or B: You’re a fan and find this some weird form of ironic humor?

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