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May 8th, 2013

Live & Photos: Bring Me The Horizon @ London Camden Koko – 07 May 2013

Bring Me The Horizon 2013 press photo band sempiternal thrash hits

This is the week Sempiternal was meant to be released before those damned leakers leaked the crap out of Bring Me The Horizon‘s excellent fourth album. This is the London leg of their release tour and if you’re thinking, “Oh, they’re only playing Koko,” it’s because this is a special intimate show. We crowbarred our way into the gig.

Pre-gig meal: Sainsbury’s prawn mayonnaise sandwich, standing outside the venue.

6 things we learnt when we saw BMTH in Camden…

1) Empress are improving with every gig. There’s a lot of talent in this band and this is only their second UK tour but their hard-hitting prog metal goes down a storm – even with this completely un-bearded crowd. They’re engaging and energetic onstage and they certainly have the songs to back up their swagger. With their debut album coming out later this year, they’re definitely ones to keep an eye on.

2) Crossfaith know exactly what they’re doing and they do it very, very well. While some might say they’re completely style over substance, and it’s true that really they’re just a drums/keyboards/vocals band with some auxiliary guitars thrown in, music is about much more than notes and time signatures and the Japanese quintet get that. While some Japanese friends of mine confirm that Crossfaith’s claims of loving Jagerbombs are probably false due to a) there not being any Wetherspoon’s equivalents in Japan and b) “Japanese men can’t drink,” it’s a great party sentiment that is totally backed up when the whole crowd moshed to their cover of the Prodigy’s ‘Omen’.

Bring Me the Horizon live @ Manchester Academy - 29 April 2013 c/o Gary Wolstenholme

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3) Bring Me The Horizon fans are open to new music. They have so much scorn poured upon them from supposed more knowing parts of the music cognoscenti for essentially being young, but there’s no standing around at the back of the room with their arms folded during the support bands. Make no mistake: nobody is here for Empress or Crossfaith, but the crowd participation for both bands is just exceptional. If everyone in the world had the joie de vivre of this audience, the world would be a ruddy excellent place.

4) It’s the subtleties that matter. While everyone really, really noticed the C-Bomb that Oli Sykes drops in ‘Antivist’, there’s an even better cuss 13 seconds later:

“DICK’EAAAAAAD!” Bring Me The Horizon – ‘Antivist’, 1m58s

It has enough humour that yelling it out loud brightens up your whole day but, if directed at you, it’s cutting enough to make you stop and wonder what it is that you’ve done. Listen again and prepare to sing along to that bit forever more.

5) It’s not news that Oli Sykes is a demi-god, but the way he tries to high five every single crowdsurfer is the difference between him and other frontmen who would rather slam their dick in a car door than interact with their adoring fans. Everyone’s got an opinion on Sykes, but he’s doing everything he can to make sure negative ones have no foundation any more.

6) Arenas are not beyond Bring Me The Horizon, despite what they might say. They headlined Brixton Academy last time round and could easily do that again. If they continue to grow the way they have been, you’ll see them in Wembley or the O2 before too long. That will be the real triumph.



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