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May 17th, 2013

Live: Title Fight + Dead End Path @ London King’s College – 15 May 2013

Title Fight 2011 promo photo Thrahs Hits

If there is one shared passion of the collected Thrash Hits writers (other than smugly mouthing-off about bands on the internet), then it’s football. So when the London leg of Title Fight’s UK tour clashed with the Europa League Final this week, we were worried we wouldn’t be able to find anyone able to review it…so we guess it’s a good job that Alex Andrews is a Spurs man…

6 things we learned watching Title Fight in London…

1)  2005 was probably the last time I’ve had to queue to get into a show. That’s not some snobbish industry-wanker/guestlist-dickhead observation – despite arriving a good 30 minutes after doors, the combination of Kings College’s dawdling door staff and an eager crowd means the line snakes down Surrey Street and almost around the corner while Whirr get things started. The thuggishly-heavy Dead End Path continue the night’s theme of eclectic support  acts, but the prospect of drinking pints of Doom Bar while watching the Europa League final downstairs triumphs as the better option.

Watch a live bootleg of Dead End Path playing in London last year:

2)  Title Fight take to the stage earlier than billed and just in time to save us from the farce that follows Chelsea’s inevitable last-minute winner. They open brightly with a tight trio of songs that includes ‘Secret Society,’ before announcing themselves to the welcoming audience.

3) The set’s heavy on songs from last year’s Floral Green, which found the band in a mellower and more introspective mood. The slow and almost psychedelic ‘Head In The Ceiling Fan, fills the room with a warm, sonic glow towards the end of the night, but too many others sound weak – something which isn’t helped by the venue – and only serve to dismantle the conveyor belt of stage dives in operation for the band’s older – and faster – songs.

4) Speaking of stage dives, what’s the deal with jumping feet first? At risk of sound patronising, the crowd is an alarmingly young one, and many (barring the snapback crew out in full force for the mosh part at the end of ‘Youreyeah’) look bewildered to find themselves on stage before propelling themselves into a crowd that quickly parts at the sight of another incoming pair of Vans.

Watch the video to ‘Shed’ by Title Fight:

5) Although gracious guests, the band’s stage patter leaves much to be desired. Two years ago at Hevy, the lack of tedious pleasantries was something which made the band’s set so remarkable. The whirlwind of songs hit everyone packed into the tent like a freight train. This time, the impact’s not the same. There’s no ‘Memorial Fields,’ no ‘Evander’ and the newer material lacks the intensity of old.

6) In a rare interval, singer/bassist Ned Russin takes a moment to dedicate the next song to the now defunct Basement, whose ex-members scatter the stage. The holler which greets Russin’s earnest dedication makes it hard to believe they’ve already been buried for more than half-a-year. Andrew Fisher, who fronted the band, makes a brief cameo for ‘Shed’, before somersaulting off the stage, and as Title Fight close with a visceral rendition of ‘27,’ the thought which lingers the longest (besides whether Chelsea fans will now sing their infuriating ‘Champions of Europe’ chant for another year), is how long we’ll have to wait before Basement get coaxed out of retirement




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