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May 24th, 2013

Top 6… Reasons why Ronnie Radke is the greatest rockstar in the world today

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Ever since Falling In Reverse released their new video for ‘Alone’ a couple of weeks ago the band’s frontman, Ronnie Radke has been the talk of the internet. Recent events involving Radke firing his entire band only set the forums on fire further. Gavin Lloyd points out six reasons why the metal world is better off with Ronnie Radke in it and why his haters should go back to washing dishes for a living.

Top 6… reasons why Ronnie Radke is the greatest rockstar in the world today…

1) His image
That’s right another Thrash Hits piece about hair, but have you seen his hair? Re-emerging with half his head shaved and having had someone squiggle all over his bald patch with an electric biro it’s safe to say you won’t be confusing Ronnie Radke with anyone else any time soon. I, for one, am sick of watching bands being fronted by Johnny McFucking Boring Face and his “boys”, wearing whatever freebies clothing brands have thrown their way. Ronnie is taking us back to a time when rockstars looked like rockstars. Despite inspiring hundreds of pieces of fan art (google it), it’s yet to be seen if his look will catch on, though. I had a haircut at the weekend and upon showing my hairdresser a picture of Ronnie he slapped me around the face. Probably for the best I doubt I could pull it off. I’m ginger.

2) He’s released one of the most talked about songs of the year
Love it or hate it, you can’t argue that ‘Alone’ has garnered a lot of attention. A surprising and drastic departure from the pop-tinged metalcore of debut Raised by Wolves, ‘Alone’ sees Euro-dance synths and rapping added to the Falling in Reverse arsenal. The rapping really shouldn’t have come as such a horrific surprise to the band’s more fickle fans, seeing as Ronnie has been in rap since shitting in pampers. However, the bold move in musical direction and the subsequent polarisation of his entire fan base shows a brave man that will do what he wants, unlike the many bands who will churn out turgid crap that pleases their modest following but also keeps them in mid-sized venues at best.

3) He truly believes in everything he says and does
His self confidence is unfaltering and a welcome change from the constant stream of tepid ninnies singing about their feelings. While plenty of other frontmen are whinging about why their girlfriend left them, Ronnie is singing about cheating on his girlfriend with all her friends. HA HA IN YOUR FACE, RONNIE RADKE IS HAVING ALL THE SEX!!! His cocksure attitude should be a necessity for rockstars however it is often sadly absent these days. Sure, some might argue that most bands are just following the vulnerable rockstar attitude ushered in by Nirvana. To them I say what’s Kurt Cobain up to these days? Not living it up cheating on Courtney Love with her friends that’s for sure. I rest my case.

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4) He is genuinely livid
There are a lot of angry men in metal aren’t there? So many in fact, that it’s not an outlandish claim to state that a lot of people are screaming for the sake of it. While many are trying to channel the pain of that time daddy wouldn’t pay for a Download ticket, Ronnie Radke was in jail. He has clearly been through a lot, however, it makes his bitterness so much more believable. He doesn’t have to constantly scream to get his point across either. His cutting remarks are delivered with the maliciousness of a scorned ex talking about the size of your penis behind your back. The colossal chip on Ronnie’s shoulder makes his hate so much more tangible than the majority of metal you listen to.

5) There’s no disputing his pop sensibility
Have you heard the chorus in ‘Alone’? I mean have you really heard it? Pretend for a minute you’re not currently wearing a t-shirt sporting the illegible logo of an ‘under-appreciated’ black metal band, safe in the knowledge that nobody will judge you and really listen to listen to it. There you go: it’s fucking phenomenal isn’t it? It can give the vast majority of the Radio 1 playlist a run for its money in the earworm stakes. The coiffed idiots that apply for X Factor year in year out would happily have a gobble on Simon Cowell’s genitals in a heartbeat to lay claim to a chorus this irresistible. The fact remains that until you write a chorus this infectious, Falling In Reverse will be better than the shitty band you play guitar in.

6) He doesn’t give a fuck
…and not giving a fuck is cool. So many bands will compromise what they want to do in order to pander to what is expected of them. Perhaps not everyone will agree but I personally have a lot of time for a guy who has pissed off a large proportion of his fanbase and couldn’t care less. If the sound of ‘Alone’ didn’t irk fans enough the recent developments of his sporadic decision to fire his band only aggravated fans further. Watch any Falling In Reverse video on YouTube at the moment and you’re met by hundreds of comments about how Ronnie has been unfair to his bandmates. Well guess what kids, life isn’t fair. I once had a pack of Fruit Pastilles that were all yellows, every single one and I didn’t moan about it (much). Do you really think he cares about what you think and your shitty YouTube comments? No. Needless to say Ronnie Radke is having the last laugh, and I for one salute him.



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